Dear Heather…

Cabernet Coach Connector, Columnist, Eyes on News Relationship Expert

Stuck in “launch” mode? Unsure of your best option in navigating a workplace issue? Looking for perspective on a critical relationship? Or maybe you’re one of the new—often isolated—single majority seeking fresh steps for this next stage of life… Send an email and your question may be answered in one of Heather’s columns.

Dear Heather

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Hi Heather,

I have to tell you I enjoy your articles on Being a single dad, I can relate to all your home/work life balance articles and continue to remind myself of many of the things you mention. Thanks for telling it like it is.


…I love your articles. You’re such a delight to read and I want to share everything that I can with my classmates.


I loved this advice. My life at 54 with adult daughters living at home has had a big shift since they were little. I am about to go back to full-time at work after a year of part-time, and anxiety is already creeping in. Thanks for the reminders.


What a terrific article! Even though I recently adjusted my career to stop working 24/7 so that I could be there more for my children, I was (unpleasantly) surprised to find that there still aren’t enough hours in the day! Your advice was solid, practical, and much appreciated! And I’m sharing it with my husband!


As your Coach, Dugan illustrates numerous ‘teachable moments’ through a collection of clever ‘From the Field’ anecdotes. These quick blurbs just might have you laughing out loud, either because you’ve ‘done that’ or can’t imagine that someone else really ‘did that.’ Through these personal stories, Dugan connects with her readers and creates a credible bond. She transforms the complexities of new tools such as, Google Search and social media into opportunities, teaching us to identify our mistakes, perhaps laugh about them, and then move on. 

This was awesome. Really enjoyed listening to Heather…


This was a first for our group; but I doubt our last…obvious from the strong turnout that many of us realize there are numerous speed-bumps and false-starts encountered at this stage of life, but at least we have our many friends from this group, and now Heather’s excellent advice…


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